Our Happy clients



“Unisys has worked in collaboration and partnership with Hal Data since 2013 and they are a highly valued partner. Their ability to source new and legacy parts, as well as complete systems, quickly and efficiently, has assisted Unisys to support mission critical infrastructure for a major Government department. Hal Data’s exceptional service has been impressive.”

Bradley Gough

Unisys Australia


HalAssist has been providing remote and onsite IT support services to Fairbridge Village for many years. Fairbridge has recently undertaken several major projects within the village, which, without the advice and support of HalAssist would not have gone as smoothly as they did. It’s nice to know that the great team of dedicated staff are always there for you whenever you need them.

Mark Anderson

CEO, Fairbridge


The wonderful team at HalAssist WA Office and Helpdesk are always a helpful phone call away. They made the impossible easy for us, when we recently changed our Dealership Management System and there forward planning for our Business is exceptional.

Denise Lawler

Financial Controller, Mandurah Toyota


I really wanted to get you bacon, cause yesterday you really saved mine. I also really wanted to get you beer, cause you deserve a cold one after what I put you through. Not to mention I should get you wine after you had to listen to me whinge and whine all day yesterday. I thought I should get you cold and flu tablets, so my virus didn’t pass on to you. So, instead of all the things I wanted to get you, I had to get this gift basket - I hope you like at least one thing in it. Thank you so much for all of your help. You’ll never know the depths of my gratitude.


Dunsborough Pharmacy


Our Company has been with HalAssist now for three years. The service we receive is sensational. If there is a problem I can ring the service desk report the issue and within a very short time the problem is resolved. If it is a major problem – the local staff attend the office to sort out any issues the help desk is unable to fix remotely

Judy Stretch

Office Manager, Kevin Green Real Estate


HAL Data Services
Thank you for all the support we received from HAL Data Services during the last 6 months on the recent HP Data Centre Transformation Program. We had a difficult Bill of Materials with some unusual requirements that HAL delivered as per schedule. I have to express my thanks for the flexibility that HAL Data Services showed over a lengthy period, the duration of the equipment leases that we requested were indeterminate & any issues including changes to the financial arrangements were sorted out with a quick telephone call. The “Swing Kit” supplied by HAL Data Services was essential for our success & your ability to source difficult items with critical dates was excellent. I look forward to future business dealings with your organisation & again my thanks for your support.

Reg Weine

Senior Project Manager


I had the pleasure of working with Ed and the team at Hal Data Services while we were exiting 2 large data centers based in Adelaide. Our very tight time frame for the exit works required quick removal of a large amount of equipment which was needing a new home - at short notice. We didn't want to dispose of the equipment as a lot of it had life left in it and could be re-purposed. The assistance that Ed and the team provided helped us achieve our targets ahead of schedule. I would use Hal Data Services without hesitation for any exit and asset disposal needs.

Greg Hudson

Origin Energy