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Learn about the right architectural approach for effectively preventing cyber attacks

Due to advances in attack distribution, anonymous payments and the ability to reliably encrypt and decrypt data, ransomware is on a tear. To protect your organisation from having to pay attackers to free your data, you need to evolve beyond a layered security approach to a prevention-oriented architecture.

Hal Group & Palo Alto Networks are running a series of Lunch & Learn events across Sydney, where you can learn more about the right architectural approach for effectively preventing ransomware infections and other sophisticated threats, even across distributed IT environments.

Call us on 1300 100 919 to book your spot today.
Can’t make it along to one of our events? Read more about what Hal Group and Palo Alto Networks can do for you and your business here, including details about a free Security Lifecycle Review which can give you a comprehensive view of applications and threats exposing your organisation to business and security risks.
At Hal group we know the security of your IT is paramount, contact us today to discuss a solution that’s right for you.